The Helios Report #3

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. and Tommy McKinnon Gooooood morning/evening/night everyone. Welcome back to the Helios Report. This being the third update, we’ll call it #3 🙂 We have some more big big big smart contract news from this past week to share with you and some pretty interesting things happened outside of Helios Protocol (yes, […]

The Helios Report #1

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. & Tommy McKinnon Salutations! This week marks the return of our new and improved weekly update, The Helios Report. We will be posting an update for everyone’s viewing pleasure every week, right here on our blog. We will be talking about the latest happenings in the Heliosphere and briefly recapping important […]


These days buzzword phrases like “environmentally sound” and “ozone-friendly” are frequently used to grab your attention. It seems like nearly every product on the shelves or services advertised in the mailbox contain these rather clichĂ©d words. People have seen this to the point of oversaturation and the words hardly leave an impression on our minds.  […]

Token Swap Started!

We are excited to announce that our token swap has started today! You can now swap your Ethereum HLS tokens 1:1 for Helios Mainnet coins. Eventually the Ethereum tokens will be phased out, so if you have some be sure to swap them over before it’s too late.