DAPPNATION: The Flowerpatch Review

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr (CaptainKoalaDann) Welcome, everyone, to the latest review by DAPPNATION!!! This edition we bring to you a review on the far out MMORPG collectible Cannabis card and farming game, Flowerpatch by Nugbase. If you are into the whole virtual farming thing to pass time and you love Cannabis then you are in […]

The Helios Report #13

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. and Tommy McKinnon What’s What in the Heliosphere Hello everyone, and welcome to the Helios Report: Baker’s Dozen Edition! That’s thirteen for those of you who are culinarily disinclined 😉 We have more amazing news to impart to you once again as usual. This week we started a huge giveaway for […]

The Helios Report #11

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. Hello again and welcome to this here eleventh rendition of the Helios Report! We’ve had a relatively quiet week if you consider that trading has GONE LIVE ON A CMC TOP-100 EXCHANGE a slow week!!! Woah, sorry about that. Sometimes the excitement bleeds through! Anyway, we also had another Town Hall […]

DAPPNATION: The Forgotten Artifacts Review

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.     You begin in the center of town, livin’ la Vida trunk. Across from you, there is a large Christmas tree. This is your first view of Talmuth. Your journey to find the Forgotten Artifacts through the newly introduced quests starts here. Run through the town and speak with the many NPC […]