The Helios Report #13

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. and Tommy McKinnon

What’s What in the Heliosphere

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Helios Report: Baker’s Dozen Edition! That’s thirteen for those of you who are culinarily disinclined 😉 We have more amazing news to impart to you once again as usual. This week we started a huge giveaway for developers, new walk-throughs have been released, we have upgraded the OPCODE called STATICCALL, and we’re going to show you some examples of our cutting-edge, multi-chain Smart Contracts. Runway Four Two Left, cleared for take-off…

We have a fantastic opportunity for developers to see what we’re made of. We have teamed up with JetBrains to bring you this killer giveaway right here! That’s right, come build with us and deploy your DApp on the Hypothesis Testnet and enter to win a 1-year subscription to any JetBrains IDE of your choosing! This is up to a $500 USD value!! Don’t miss out, the offer is only going to be available for a limited time!!!

This week we added an array of walk-throughs to the developer page of our website that developers can use to perform various functions on the Helios Protocol Hypothesis Testnet. In the first example below, we show how to take Solidity code from Ethereum, deploy, and use on the Helios Protocol platform. This example shows it is simply copying and pasting the code, unmodified. In the second example, two new walkthroughs were added to easily show how to deploy your Smart Contract and interact with it on our platform. Come develop with us. It’s so easy to migrate, a CaptainCaveDann could do it!


There are two things you need to understand about Helios Protocol before we can explain what we added to the code this week:

1) On Helios Protocol, every smart contract and wallet has its own chain. Communication between these chains is achieved through transactions from one chain to another. Smart contracts can send a transaction to call a function on another smart contract. Because this process requires sending and receiving a transaction, the contract that sent the transaction cannot immediately see the result of the function that it called on the other chain. 

2) Helios Protocol has a unique new feature where a transaction can specify which smart contract it would like to execute, or the code address. Unlike Ethereum, this means a transaction with data doesn’t necessarily need to execute the code stored the chain it is being sent to. You can send a transaction with data from chain A to chain B, while executing code from chain C. But the question arises: what chain state, or storage address, will the smart contract execution use? The answer: it will always use the storage and state on whatever chain the transaction lives on. If it is the send part of the transaction in this example, it will use the storage on chain A. If it is the receive part of the transaction, it will use the storage on chain B. However, in order to stop smart contracts from being able to overwrite and modify the storage of another smart contract, each external smart contract gets its own isolated storage on each chain. In our example, chain A will have a special isolated storage specifically for smart contract C, but it will still be contained in the state of chain A. 

This week, we implemented this: 

There is an OPCODE called STATICCALL. On Ethereum, this opcode allows you to call another smart contract in read only mode, use the storage of that smart contract, and get the result of the computation. But as we mentioned in 1), if a smart contract wants to do this, it has to wait for the transaction to send and receive and therefore cannot get a result back immediately. However, recall from 2), that the external smart contract actually has its own isolated storage on this chain too. Thus, we have modified STATICCALL to allow a smart contract A to call smart contract C, and use the isolated storage of C, contained within its own chain, in read only mode. The end behavior of this is exactly the same as Ethereum, except it uses a different storage location.

We also added ability for send transaction computations to create new computation call transactions. Made a recursion limit of 20 to stop infinite loops that fill the block with infinite transactions.

Bounty Hunter of the Week: @ZAM19

Congratulations @ZAM19 for being named Bounty Hunter of the Week! Thank you very much for your submission. It was a fantastic article, check it out here!  You will be receiving a 50% bonus for it! Keep those submissions coming, everyone! We really love them!!!

Graphic of the Week

This Week in Mass Adoption

This week we received a telegram directly from mass adoption. The original message was too large for a bottle for this is what it said…I am HERE! It must be true. Just look at what happened; Emailed Crypto payments? Check. Blockchain is Forever? Check. AMD and BGA? Check. Trading cards on the Blockchain? Check. Whoa, there’s more! Keep reading…

Coinbase filed for and received a patent for paying with Bitcoin using email. As reported by CoinDesk, users will be able to make payments from their email addresses provided they are linked to their cryptocurrency wallet and have the correct amount of crypto to cover the payment. For now, Coinbase plans on paying for transaction fees themselves. The next generation of crypto payments using a previous generation’s tech.

Giving the gift that lasts a lifetime and beyond will now be transparent, immutable, and traceable thanks to Blockchain technology. Russia’s largest diamond mining company Alrosa, which accounts for around a third of the world’s diamond production, has partnered with UK-Based Everledge and China’s Tencent to put the history of their diamonds on the Blockchain. According to a press release on their blog, the trio is “launching a new WeChat Mini Program e-commerce solution to Chinese retailers”. The aim of the pilot program is to “seamlessly enable the purchase of diamonds with full transparency of their origin, characteristics and ownership history”. From the mine to your partner’s finger secured by the Blockchain and tracked with WeChat.

A story from the Guru of 3D  this week revealed that AMD is joining Enjin ($ENJ), Matic ($MATIC), UbiSoft, and many others in the Blockchain Game Alliance. It was also said that AMD has some new partners in Robot Cache and ULTRA to “promote the development and proliferation of blockchain-based PC gaming”. The goal is to bring the next generation of gaming, that which is Blockchain-based, to the masses and show how it is the future of gaming. True ownership of and the ability to buy and sell game assets is the best way to show this. 

In January of 2020, Panini America will be introducing trading cards on the Blockchain. The above image is on the main page of their new website. According to a Panini America blog post, they will start with 100 athletes including Mickey Mantle, Shohei Ohtani, Mariano Rivera, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, Tom Brady, Barry Sanders, Peyton Manning, and Emmitt Smith. The Blockchain trading cards will feature the National Treasure design and will be auctioned using U.S. dollars. There is no option for Cryptocurrency payments Every unique Blockchain asset will also come with a physical card including an autograph from the player, and possibly a piece of memorabilia. The digital version will be an exact copy of the physical. Plans are to expand the platform to include digitally backed physical trading cards for the NFL, NBA, and MLBPA. This provides another level of authentication for a huge market. 

KT, South Korea’s biggest telecom company, announced the Dongbaek digital currency goes live in Busan, one of the largest cities in the country, on December 30th. Aiming to boost the local economy, the main target is smaller retailers according to a news report by local outfit Residents of the city can find the Dongbaek currency through the Dongbaekjeon Mobile App or at the Hana Bank or Busan Bank. It is said that it can be used at any store in Busan with a credit card terminal. 

In Thailand, getting your visa will be more secure thanks to the new addition of Blockchain technology to the Electronic Visa On Arrival, or eVOA, program. Cointelegraph reported the program will start its pilot program with visitors from China and India. The program will utilize ShareRing’s Blockchain technology for security and immutability and will also significantly speed up the Visa application process. Blockchain is the perfect tool to accomplish this and will provide another level of security for residents and tourists alike. 

US-based Paystand, a Blockchain payment platform and Japanese payment network JCB have teamed up to bring end-to-end digital payments to Japanese residents. TechRepublic reported that current methods of transferring payments are slow and cost companies hundreds of millions each year in fees. By using Blockchain technology, the aim is to cut these costs down to attract more users to the program at a consumer level. It is said that in Japan most of the payments are done using cash at the customer level and JCB wants to change this. Blockchain tech is certainly the answer to this.

Hey, Did Ya Hear That…

…the latest Forgotten Artifacts patch is out and with it comes the first encounter? Will you be the first to defeat Ogandor???????

…lawyers in the Quadriga Exchange case are requestioning an exhumation of the founder’s body? Creeeeepy…

…Stanford invested in the Blockchain start-up Alchemy? Add them to Augur, 0x, Opera + more!

…Poloniex delisted $DBG, $FCT, $MAID, $OMNI, $XPM, $VTC, and $VIA? Markets close December 30th and the final withdraw date is set for January 30th.

…VeChain was able to freeze 727 Million of the stolen $VET from 469 different addresses? Niiiiice

…a Bill called the Cryptocurrency Act of 2020 is being pondered by the cheese? 3 classifications and a Federal entity to rule each;  CFTC gets Crypto Commodities, SEC gets Crypto Securities, and FinCEN gets Cryptocurrencies. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

…New Jersey-based Tagomi has cut its fees to 0.1% for trading using its software? That’s around 70% less than Coinbase

…UK exchange Coinfloor is delisting Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash to focus solely on Bitcoin? Bitcoin is KING

…UK-based Cryptocurrency wallet is adding support for pound Sterling payments? It’s about time

…there’s an incoming $PETRO airdrop? Residents can collect half a $PETRO for freeeeeeee

…Blockchain of Things Inc had to fork over $250k to the SEC??? Tsk Tsk!

…start-up Pawtocol is taking reservations to put your pet on the Blockchain? Start here!

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