The Helios platform is made up of a large number of independent
blockchains connected through a DAG:

Every wallet address has its own blockchain that contains only transactions to or from that particular wallet address. All blockchains are connected through a DAG formed by transactions. When a transaction takes place, it is only added to the blockchains of the sender and receiver. The blockchains of all other wallet addresses are entirely unaffected. This completely eliminates the bottleneck caused by requiring all transactions to be placed on a single blockchain and allows transactions between different users to occur concurrently. The transaction throughput also grows with the number of wallet addresses on the blockchain allowing it to scale indefinitely.
The Helios platform will be capable of executing Solidity based smart contracts and dApps. This will allow the creation of efficient, fast, and secure decentralized solutions to vastly improve systems such as governance, financial technology, energy grids, supply chains, social networking, health care, fake news, climate change etc... Furthermore, the use of Solidity as the language will enable rapid adoption by the existing development community and seamless migration of existing dApps.

The Project

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Proven Track Record

  1. Creation of Helios ProtocolApril 2018

  2. Launch of the TestnetJanuary 2019

Helios Testnet

In 2019 we deployed the Testnet. It showcased and proved the technical abilities of Helios Protocol.

Helios Boson

This phase of development involved launching the mainnet of Helios Protocol. This fork is named the Boson fork. This fork included all of the features of Helios Prototocol except for DAPPs. During this time we were actively developing the next fork that would include DAPP support.

  1. Wallet and API developmentQ1 2019

    During this time we continue development on the Helios Protocol Testnet wallet, Web3 Javascript API, and Web3 Python API. The wallet is a prototype version of our final wallet. It will have the main functionality that allows the interaction with the blockchain, but doesn’t include smart contract interaction, and doesn’t have the final UI or UX design. The two API’s are to allow a way for developers to more easily create applications that interact with the blockchain. They also allow applications to be easily migrated over from the Ethereum platform.

  2. Testing of wallet and APIsQ2 2019

    Public testing of node software, Web3 Javascript API, Web3 Python API, and Testnet wallet. We will give instructions in our discord and other social media platforms on how to use these products in order to try out the capabilities of Helios Protocol and help with testing. This stage will test the blockchain network on a larger scale in the exact same environment as mainnet, and allow us to fix any new bugs, and prove, without a doubt, that the technology is ready. In this stage, the blockchain database will be reset less often, so transactions can be expected to remain for a longer period of time. We will remain at this stage until the protocol is proven to be 100% reliable and bug free.

  3. Launch of Boson forkQ2 2019

    Launching of the mainnet commences with smart contracts disabled. We will continue to have smart contracts enabled on the Photon fork, but will wait until they have been thoroughly tested before enabling them on mainnet.

  4. Year of 5x masternode bonus startsJune 30 2019

    For the first year we are offering a massive 5x bonus on masternode staking rewards. Find out more here.

  5. Token swapJuly and August 2019

    The token swap allowed all token holders to move from the Ethereum blockchain to Helios Protocol.

  1. Launch of Photon TestnetMay 2020

    We succesfully launched the testnet version of our new DAPP support fork. Many DAPPs were built and run on the testnet during this testing phase.

  1. Current
  1. Launch of Photon fork on mainnet2021

    This fork will finally give Helios Protocol full DAPP support. Allowing DAPP developers to take full advantage of the parallel blockchain infrastructure and deliver next generation DAPP performance.

  2. More coming soon 2021

    Check back soon for updates

Helios Photon

This phase of helios is the ultimate embodyment of the project. In this phase we will launch full DAPP support with the new Photon fork.

Coin Metrics

Total Supply: 350,000,000


All allocated coins will be distributed over a 5 year timeframe. This results in distributing the coins to a larger number of users which eliminates centralization of staking power.


There is no allocation of coins reserved specifically for the team or founders. Helios Protocol is a community driven project, where progress is fueled by bounties. Team members earn HLS by doing bounties just like everyone else.

Always evolving

As the cryptocurrency and legal environment changes over time, we will be continuously adapting and making tweaks and changes to the distribution plan to ensure the continued success of the project.

Self funded

The founders and team members have payed for all development of the project out of their own savings. We all have personal stake in the game providing increased motivation to create the decentralized web.

Project contributors



Gerardo Montero






Daniel Thwaites Sr.


Daniel Killeen




Raj Ladumor








Ashton Addison

CEO/Founder of EventChain

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