An infinitely scalable cryptocurrency and smart contract platform based on DAG + blockchains. The Helios platform is designed from the ground up to be futureproof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions, and to enable truly decentralized and democratic applications.

The Helios platform is made up of a large number of independent
blockchains connected through a DAG:

Every wallet address has its own blockchain that contains only transactions to or from that particular wallet address. All blockchains are connected through a DAG formed by transactions. When a transaction takes place, it is only added to the blockchains of the sender and receiver. The blockchains of all other wallet addresses are entirely unaffected. This completely eliminates the bottleneck caused by requiring all transactions to be placed on a single blockchain and allows transactions between different users to occur concurrently. The transaction throughput also grows with the number of wallet addresses on the blockchain allowing it to scale indefinitely.
The Helios platform will be capable of executing Solidity based smart contracts and dApps. This will allow the creation of efficient, fast, and secure decentralized solutions to vastly improve systems such as governance, financial technology, energy grids, supply chains, social networking, health care, fake news, climate change etc... Furthermore, the use of Solidity as the language will enable rapid adoption by the existing development community and seamless migration of existing dApps.

The Project


Phase 1, 2, 3, 4

  1. Create project branding and designComplete
  2. Set up discord, telegram, github, twitter Complete
  3. Deploy token smart contract Complete

    Ethereum contract address can be seen in the
    Token Metrics section below.

  4. Write technical whitepaper Complete

    Click here to download

  5. Launch website Complete
  6. Post topic to bitcointalk forum Complete

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  7. Contact exchanges to list HLS tokenComplete

    Officially listed on IDEX

Phase #1

This is the very first phase of the project and will have deliverables of all the groundwork and non-blockchain items. These are required to build a strong brand and community for Helios. A fundamental principle of any blockchain is to provide true freedom from centralized powers by having a fully decentralized and democratic community. Therefore, we recognize the importance of developing a strong community for the Helios project.

The Helios protocol prototype is also under active development throughout phase 1, but will be delivered in phase 2.

Phase #2

This phase of the project will involve ramping up blockchain development and creating all of the tools for the community to get involved in order to accelerate growth of the project. In this phase, we aim to prove that this blockchain can accomplish all of the things we say it can. We believe this phase will open the eyes of potential developers and community members and show them the true power of the Helios protocol.

  1. Release blockchain prototype July 2018

    This prototype will be a proof of concept for the new parallel blockchain protocol, consensus mechanism etc...

  2. Post bounties on Bounty0xJuly 2018
  3. Growth of Helios teamJuly 2018

    Hiring more employees.

  1. Release blockchain testnet Q4 2018
  1. Current
  1. Hackathons Ongoing

    Schedule hackathons to encourage dApp development.

  2. dApp ecosystem expansion Ongoing

    Reach out to Ethereum dApp developers and help them migrate to the Helios blockchain

  3. Marketing and community outreach Ongoing
  4. Initiate dApp incubator program Q1 2019

Phase #3

This phase of the project will involve continued marketing and development of the test net with support for smart contracts and dApps.

Phase #4

This is the final phase of development. After this phase we will continue marketing and growing the community and ecosystem indefinitely.

  1. Release mainnet Q1 2019
  2. Continued marketing Q1 2019
  3. Continued reaching out to dApp developers Q1 2019
  4. Growth of the community and dApps Q1 2019

Token Metrics

Circulating Supply: 3,500,000

Ethereum contract address: 0xf5d714d9cd577b7daf83f84aea37a1eb0787e7ad. We will have a 1 to 1 swap for mainnet tokens once it is launched.

The team

Tommy Mckinnon

Founder and CEO

Sean Tanner

Marketing/Design Specialist

Loris Metzinger

Product Marketing

Mark Laporte

Community Engagement Strategist

Robert H. Reeves Jr.

Public Relations Strategist

Daniel Thwaites Sr.

Community Manager

Casey Linsenbigler

Content Creator


Jason Hamilton-Smith

Back-end Network Engineer

Kenny MacKenzie

Product-Market Specialist

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