Dear Helios Protocol Community,

It has been a long journey since we started in 2018. We had a dream to build something that would revolutionize the internet by facilitating high speed decentralized applications. We delivered on our original promises and developed and launched a novel high-speed decentralized application platform based on parallel blockchains connected through a DAG. This is an incredible feat that required immense dedication from everyone involved.

Unfortunately, adoption hasn’t occurred at the rate necessary to keep the project afloat. We can no longer afford to pay the bills to keep all of the servers online for the mainnet nodes, testnet nodes, and web servers. Furthermore, this is an open source project where any development is done on a volunteer basis. Without mass adoption, the cryptocurrency landscape is moving to rapidly for us to realistically keep up and maintain our performance advantage.

The entire team and community has worked tirelessly on this project for more than 2 years, and as a result, it brings us great pain to announce this, but we will be shutting down all team nodes and web servers in 2 months from this announcement. Considering the limited number of non-team nodes, this will likely result in a total shutting down of the Helios Protocol decentralized application platform.

We would like to thank the team and community for all the effort and dedication you have put into the project throughout the past 2 years. It has been a wild ride, but it was always exciting and meaningful thanks to you.

The people in the Helios community have proven to be exceptionally special in both their commitment to each other, and their ability to see the long-term vision for decentralization. These are virtues that are becoming increasingly rare within the cryptocurrency space, and there is immense value in everyone sticking together. As such, some of the team members will be taking on a new role to help lead the community towards other crypto and blockchain related directions. The Helios Protocol community will live on under a new name that will be decided by a vote in our discord server.

Until next time,
The Helios Protocol Team