Token Swap Started!

We are excited to announce that our token swap has started today! You can now swap your Ethereum HLS tokens 1:1 for Helios Mainnet coins. Eventually the Ethereum tokens will be phased out, so if you have some be sure to swap them over before it’s too late.


Imagine… You had a vision. A decentralized application allowing people to buy and sell digital collectibles. You told yourself you would build it. For the next two years, through many bleary-eyed errors and restarts, you built it on the Ethereum network. After ample advertising costs and hype, you released your baby to the world. Your […]

Helios Protocol Project Update 3/14/19

Hello again, esteemed Helios Protocol community members! Welcome back to the update epicentre. There has been a lot of, you guessed it, TESTING going on around here! This update will cover testing, testing, and a little bit of testing thrown in just to break up the monotony. OK, let’s do this…