Token Swap Started!

We are excited to announce that our token swap has started today! You can now swap your Ethereum HLS tokens 1:1 for Helios Mainnet coins. Eventually the Ethereum tokens will be phased out, so if you have some be sure to swap them over before it’s too late.

Simple Instructions

Simply send your Ethereum HLS to 0xBf165035be65CC4dE543D35E2E00376E852A2c71, and you will receive mainnet HLS back to the original account within 2 minutes.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Ensure that the account currently holding your Ethereum HLS tokens has also been loaded into our Helios Wallet located at If you cannot do this for some reason, create a new account where you have the keystore of private key, and move your Ethereum HLS tokens to it. Helios Protocol wallets are equivalent to Ethereum wallets. So you can create the new wallet on our Helios protocol wallet, or you can create a new wallet using an Ethereum wallet program like MEW.
  2. Send your Ethereum HLS tokens to the swap address at 0xBf165035be65CC4dE543D35E2E00376E852A2c71
  3. Within approximately 2 minutes, your mainnet HLS will show up in your wallet. To see your mainnet HLS balance, you have to use our Helios wallet located at

We have also created a YouTube walk-through video for the swap process. You can view it here:

If you have any questions about the swap process, please ask any of the team members in our discord at

-The Helios Protocol Team








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