Introducing our new Airdrop and Bounty page!

Helios Protocol is an open source community driven project. Instead of having an ICO, we rely on the contributions of community members all over the world to help build Helios Protocol and all of the tools and features that go along with it. So far, we have had numerous contributions from members in 9 different countries, all working together to achieve the common goal of building the best decentralized smart contract platform that exists.

In order to foster growth of this community, and incentivize participation, we have added a new directory of airdrops and bounties to our website. You can find the directory here:

This directory shows all of the active airdrops and bounties that are currently running. It also allows anyone to easily sign up or submit a bounty within minutes. We encourage everyone to participate in as many airdrops and bounties as you would like!

Your contribution, along with the contribution of like-minded individuals like yourself, all over the world, will help build the most advanced smart contract platform that exists.

Over time, we will continuously be adding new bounties. So if you don’t find one that you like now, be sure to check back at a later date!