A Call To Arms: Grassroots, Self-Funded Crypto Devs, Hear Our Battle Cry!

This is a Call to Arms to blockchain Developers. We know your struggle, we know your pain. The blockchain industry is supersaturated with hundreds of projects raising millions of dollars. A good number of these don’t even have a working product. Many end up disappearing with the funds making this space, as a whole, look disreputable and untrustworthy to many people. It makes it very hard to shine when you are a gem.

We at Helios Protocol can relate. We are a little over a year old and have been self-funded since day one. Our devs took an idea and built it from the ground up with much sacrifice along the way. All for no pay. Just like you. This is why we are reaching out to you, the self-financed developers. The ones who have a project or a world-changing idea, but don’t want to make others pay for it. We wish for you to join with us, a fellow Grassroots project, and help us show people what blockchain technology can do for the world without the world financing it. Together we can make history.

We have a tight-knit community who believes in us faithfully and a top-notch team of contributors from all over the world. We all share our vision of family and community and we would not be here today without ANY of them. They were there for us during our Testnet, helping along the way and cheering us on when things got tough! We want you to join this community! We want you to JOIN this team. Come see for yourself and mingle with some like-minded individuals.

Helios Protocol is a DAG + Blockchain platform for dApps and Smart Contracts. Each wallet and dApp has its own blockchain. All of the blockchains are connected by a DAG and our one-of-a-kind Consensus mechanism, MagPoS, keeps everything secure. No expensive equipment is necessary because of this novel consensus mechanism and our own native staking web-wallet. There is also no need to download a whole blockchain just to store your coins like other wallets require. With each wallet and dApp running on its own blockchain, transaction queues are a thing of the past, fees are near non-existent, and transactions take less than a half of a second to transact!

We are releasing our Mainnet on June 30th, 2019. If your project is written in Solidity, it is a simple process to switch to our platform. No extra coding will be necessary. There is still time to join us before we go live! You can find our contact information below.

The advantages you would receive by joining the Helios Platform come from our dApp Incubator program. We are offering projects many incentives for themselves and for their communities. You will receive our native coin, $HLS. This can be used to cover any transaction fees for your customers as an incentive for them to use your project, for promoting your project, and to help cover development costs. We are also going to be working on a dApp store, similar to the app store or the android marketplace, and your project will be listed and marketed by us as part of the package.

By uniting with us, you will enjoy the benefits of extremely low fees, massive transaction bandwidth, and the lowest sub-second transaction latency of any of our competitors! All of this from a project that has been self-funded throughout the entirety of its development process. Come fuse your project with us and unlock it’s true potential. Don’t rely on the slow guys to catch up, start out ahead with the Helios Protocol platform!
















Link to 100,000 $HLS airdrop: