DAPPNATION: The Flowerpatch Review

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr (CaptainKoalaDann)

Welcome, everyone, to the latest review by DAPPNATION!!! This edition we bring to you a review on the far out MMORPG collectible Cannabis card and farming game, Flowerpatch by Nugbase. If you are into the whole virtual farming thing to pass time and you love Cannabis then you are in the right place! After this little review and a lil’ playing time, you’ll be planting, breeding, and growing your Blockchain collectible collection like a pro. Sit down, spark one up, and crank up some Wookiefoot because this party bus is parked on your front lawn!

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The Helios Report #16

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

Hellooooooooooo everyone!!!!! We’re back again with your favourite publication, the Helios Report, Edition 16!!! We’ve been extremely busy putting the final touches on some things and searching for DApps to build with us so the Helios Report has been hibernating for a minute 😉 For the time being, we have decided to make the Helios Report a bi-weekly publication starting with this one! 

With that being said, we’ve got some catching up to do! We have great things to share with you from the past few weeks including A NEW EXCHANGE LISTING, an upcoming podcast spot, and the fourth Helios Town Hall Meeting has successfully been completed, Proof of Review shows us some love, and look for the 2019 Year In Review coming soon! Another thing of importance to note, the next edition of DAPPNATION is almost here! We have this and more for you all right here so check it out, Frog…

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The Helios Report #15

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

What’s What in the Heliosphere

Hello and welcome back to the Helios Report! We’re here with the first report of 2020. So far this year it has been low-key, background progress. We’ve been throwing many different scenarios at our new features on the Testnet and continuing writing code. We’d like to take a moment to reflect on 2019 and the amazing milestones we hit throughout the year but it’s just too long to include! Watch for Helios Protocol 2019: A Year in Review coming soon right here! 

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The Helios Report #14

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

What’s What in the Heliosphere

Hello once again and welcome to the Helios Report. For 14 weeks in a row now we’ve brought you amazing updates from Helios Protocol and the Cryptocurrency space in general. This week is sure no exception. The only difference is the decade in which you are reading this. 2020. We finally made it! In this first-ever Helios Report of the decade, we bring you a few things of greatness like the first-ever HP dex DApp code has been finished, a new voting for a new exchange, some DApp Incubator details, and a Helios Army report. We hope you all had a safe and wonderful holiday season!!! Happy New Year from Helios Protocol and remember, we’ll have you all seeing 20/20 in 2020!!!

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The Helios Report #13

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. and Tommy McKinnon

What’s What in the Heliosphere

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Helios Report: Baker’s Dozen Edition! That’s thirteen for those of you who are culinarily disinclined 😉 We have more amazing news to impart to you once again as usual. This week we started a huge giveaway for developers, new walk-throughs have been released, we have upgraded the OPCODE called STATICCALL, and we’re going to show you some examples of our cutting-edge, multi-chain Smart Contracts. Runway Four Two Left, cleared for take-off…

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JetBrains IDE giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our testnet, and the holidays, we are having a month long contest where we will give away a 1 year subscription to any JetBrains IDE. You can check out the IDEs available here: https://www.jetbrains.com/. Up to $500 USD value!

To enter, deploy a Solidity DApp onto the Helios Protocol testnet and try it out! Take a look at our developer knowledgebase for instructions and walkthroughs: https://heliosprotocol.io/developer/

In one month, will randomly choose the winner out of everyone who deploys a DApp between now and then. We will announce the wallet address of the winner in our discord at the end of the competition. Be sure to join our discord to look for that announcement!

Need help or have questions? Join our Discord and talk to the team directly! https://discord.gg/xXwt2YC

The Helios Report #12

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

What’s What in the Heliosphere

What’s up what’s up people? We’re back again with another Helios Report for your reading pleasure. A dozen weeks we’ve been at it and we’re not going to quit. This week was great for a number of reasons. The Hypothesis Testnet Block Explorer has some new info, we had another round of Dapp review voting for DAPPNATION, the Town Hall Video #2 is out, and in case you were caught snoozing last week, the first issue of DAPPNATION was released! Grab your packs and walking sticks, the journey is about to begin…

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The Helios Report #11

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

Hello again and welcome to this here eleventh rendition of the Helios Report! We’ve had a relatively quiet week if you consider that trading has GONE LIVE ON A CMC TOP-100 EXCHANGE a slow week!!! Woah, sorry about that. Sometimes the excitement bleeds through! Anyway, we also had another Town Hall Meeting Q&A and continued with the testing on the Testnet! Got your tickets? The Helios Report is leaving the station…

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DAPPNATION: The Forgotten Artifacts Review

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

    You begin in the center of town, livin’ la Vida trunk. Across from you, there is a large Christmas tree. This is your first view of Talmuth. Your journey to find the Forgotten Artifacts through the newly introduced quests starts here. Run through the town and speak with the many NPC characters. Work your way through the revamped dungeons and collect NEW Blockchain items needed to complete the quests. Secure your place on the quest and dungeon leaderboards but be careful you don’t wind up in the graveyard!

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The Helios Report #10

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

What’s What in the Heliosphere

Desyat’. Diez. Tio. Zehn. That’s right, TEN!!! Hello, fam! We’re celebrating ten weeks of the Helios Report. Ten weeks of info, info, and more info, plus there’s even more exciting info to add to the info. So much info! We’ve got a Lil’ Ol’ thing called Blockchain integration, a sweet design upgrade is in the making, Testnet talk, and the next Town Hall Q & A has come and gone. Starting in 3. 2. 1….

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