The Helios Report #2

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. & Tommy McKinnon

Hello and welcome to the second installment is the Helios Report, your weekly dose of everything Helios Protocol and more! This past week we have been working our unique smart contracts. This remains our principal focus as we near completion. As usual, the Cryptospace has been a hoppin’… read on for more…

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The Helios Report #1

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr. & Tommy McKinnon

Salutations! This week marks the return of our new and improved weekly update, The Helios Report. We will be posting an update for everyone’s viewing pleasure every week, right here on our blog. We will be talking about the latest happenings in the Heliosphere and briefly recapping important news in the Cryptospace and mass adoption in general. We hope you enjoy our new offering and thank you all for being a part of our family!

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1:1 $HLS ERC-20 to $HLS Coin swap ENDS TODAY!!

Hello Helios Protocol community!!! Today is the final day to get those old ERC-20 $HLS tokens swapped out for the native $HLS coin! We’re sure our hardcore followers have already done so but if somehow it has slipped your mind, head on over to our Discord server for details and swap instructions. Don’t leave your ERC-20’s stuck on your Grandpa’s slow network, swap today and see what a 1/30th of a second transaction time can do for you!

ICYMI: First Mainnet Exchange Listing

Hello, Helios Protocol family! Have you heard??? $HLS has been listed on our first exchange since we launched Mainnet! Trading went live on the Atomars Exchange on August 27th with 3 pairs, BTC, ETH, and USDT. We would like to thank every one of you for being with us so far on this journey. We also would like to welcome all newcomers to the family!!! HELIOS!!!


These days buzzword phrases like “environmentally sound” and “ozone-friendly” are frequently used to grab your attention. It seems like nearly every product on the shelves or services advertised in the mailbox contain these rather clichéd words. People have seen this to the point of oversaturation and the words hardly leave an impression on our minds. 

While overused and seemingly redundant, these issues are serious and these products and services play an important role in our futures and those that come after us. It is our job to make an effort to use things that are not detrimental to our future generations.


Joint Eventchain + Helios Protocol airdrop!

We have partnered with the heavily anticipated blockchain based smart ticket platform known as EventChain! Both of our projects are revolutionizing how people interact with technology and each other in every day life. As such, we decided to do a joint airdrop together.

As a celebration, we are doing a joint airdrop together. In this airdrop, we are randomly choosing 10 lucky participants to receive 10,000 EVC + a limited edition EVC coin each. Every participant will also receive 25 HLS coin each.

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