The Helios Report #12

By: Daniel Thwaites Sr.

What’s What in the Heliosphere

What’s up what’s up people? We’re back again with another Helios Report for your reading pleasure. A dozen weeks we’ve been at it and we’re not going to quit. This week was great for a number of reasons. The Hypothesis Testnet Block Explorer has some new info, we had another round of Dapp review voting for DAPPNATION, the Town Hall Video #2 is out, and in case you were caught snoozing last week, the first issue of DAPPNATION was released! Grab your packs and walking sticks, the journey is about to begin…

One of the very first transactions on the Hypothesis Testnet Block Explorer. This is exciting news! The Smart Contracts and DApps are working amazingly well on Hypothesis and we are pumped! Stay tuned for more information on the pending release!!! The early transactions can be seen here on the Explorer;

This transaction is one of the first tokens being deployed onto the Hypothesis Testnet:

Here is the token being sent to another chain:

Here is the token being received:

We held our second round of suggestions and voting for the next project to be reviewed in our new DAPPNATION feature. We are happy to announce that Budbo has won this round and will be featured next week! For those of you that have never heard of Budbo, they have been called the “Tinder of Cannabis”. Stay tuned right here to learn more!!!

We are happy to announce the second Helios Town Hall Meeting Q&A has been released!!! You can see it on YouTube by using this link here! It was a great time had by all! Be sure to check it out and don’t miss the next one! Questions can be submitted in our Discord server #town-hall-meeting-q-and-a channel.

In case you missed it last week, we released the first offering from DAPPNATION!!! The review of the ARPG Dungeon Slasher, Forgotten Artifacts was a pleasure to review! A special thank you to Cliff Cawley for answering any questions that came up in the process! If you would like to read it (as if you haven’t by now), you can find it here

Bounty Hunter of the Week: @Alaho15

Congratulations goes out to @Alaho15 for being named Bounty Hunter of the Week! There were a number of fantastic articles submitted this week by @Alaho15! For being the Bounty Hunter of the Week you will receive a 50% bonus on your submission! The articles can be read here, here, and here. Thank you for the great articles and for helping spread the word! Keep those submissions coming everyone, next week that could be your name up top and a bonus in your wallet!!! 

Graphic of the Week

Thank you @lordblackpuma for the submission

This Week in Mass Adoption

Mass adoption. Is it already here? At what point do we say “mass adopted”? Every week the news just gets more intense as bigger and bigger companies begin testing Blockchain tech. Governments are dipping the toes more and more as well. This past week’s news was no exception. The wires were a-buzz with Cryptokicks™ and P2P electric ease, Blockchain Vs. environmental woes, the e-krona is coming, Blockchain combats pollution, and 40 Million people will soon use the blockchain and might not even know it! This and more, right here…

According to a patent application that has been filed by footwear guru, Nike, your future kicks will be on the Blockchain. From the references cited in the patent, they are trying to combat fake shoes that are rampant throughout the world. The shoes would be certified and verified via Blockchain tech from the manufacturer to the store to your feet. They will be using an ERC 721 or ERC 1125 token to show digital ownership and verify the scarcity of the shoes. It should also be of note, line 12 in the patent hints at more to come; “12. The method of claim 1, further comprising exporting the digital shoe to a videogame application for use in connection with a digital character of the application”. It won’t be too long until we see a mass running (pun intended) of footwear companies to the Blockchain!

Western Australia’s Power Ledger, a P2P energy trading platform, announced they have teamed up with Bluerock Projects to bring their tech to nine “timber-based, mixed-use development” apartments in eastern Perth. The DeHavilland Apartments will be the first to tout this new-age technology in Western Australia. Residents of the nine buildings, along with one commercial building, will be able to trade energy amongst themselves using SATEC advanced smart meters. The participating dwellings will be sharing a “solar photovoltaic (PV) system and SENEC battery”. This is huge for the Climate issues that are center stage nowadays. Blockchain can change the world and Power Ledger is showing how it is done.

Let’s head north with another energy story this time from Russia. A blog post by Waves Enterprise, a startup from Russia that offers “Blockchain-based solutions for businesses and public institutions” is working to fix Russia’s electricity problems. Partnered with the state-owned Rosseti, the largest electric grid company in Russia, a pilot program had been run and the results were shown at the 2019 International Electric Networks Forum. The program’s aim is to get everyone working together from the customers to the meter readers to the teams at Rosseti. A certain lack of trust between all parties involved has led to numerous issues such as non-payment of bills, incorrect data received from meter readers, and incorrect calculations from intermediaries. The goal of the partnership is to bring transparency, security, and moreover, trust back into the mix and create a system that works for everyone. A prime example of how Blockchain can fix broken systems no matter the industry.

It seems Sweden is the latest nation to realize how Blockchain tech can fix a lot of broken government crap. Reuters reported that Sweden’s Sveriges Riksbank intends to work with Accenture, a Fortune Global 500 company out of Dublin, Ireland to create a national digital currency aptly named the e-krona. Riksbank has been studying ways to bring a “safe and efficient” system for payments as Sweden’s citizens use less cash every year. This will maybe someday lead to a “global” currency and end the fiat wars and from there…World Peace? Hmmmmm…

The second biggest Insurance company in the United States, Anthem will be looking to the Blockchain to secure patient data. According to a Forbes report, within the next 3 years, the full customer base of 40 Million members will have access to the program. The pilot testing phase is underway with a select number of members trialing the system. With this new tech, customers can access their medical records and share them securely with medical facilities. The SECOND BIGGEST insurance company in the US…That. Is. Huge. 

Tickets. Get your tickets. Blockchain tickets for the show…Cointelegraph recently reported that Ticketmaster, the leading US ticket sales company out of Hollywood, California, wants to consider ticket sales as “smart contracts”. The VP of Ticketmaster’s Blockchain division, Sandy Khaund, spoke at Elev8CON in Las Vegas and was quoted as saying, “Our goal is to support 400–500 million tickets using smart contracts and blockchain technology”. Scammers and scalpers that have taken advantage of a 40-year-old technology will need to rethink things.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Chamber of Digital Commerce are partnering up to  “advance the token-enabled economy”, according to an EEA blog post. The goal is to educate people on the enterprise Blockchain technology and further the cause for mass adoption. They plan on starting with token interoperability initiatives and regulatory issues. With this partnership, hopefully, they can show governments that Blockchain is what is needed to advance and protect our industries.

Doubling back to Blockchain and Climate issues, US-based Blockchain solutions company, HashCash Consultants has a plan to clean up e-waste. Yahoo Finance reported they want to teach Enterprises how Blockchain technology can be used to track and trace earth, water, and air-polluting waste from electronic devices. The waste could be securely traced from electronic recycling plants, through the entire recycling process, each step accounted for along the way, up to the re-use of the materials. This would close loopholes that result in the dumping of hazardous wastes from these devices into landfills across the country. Another step in the right direction for cleaning up this planet brought to you by Blockchain!

Hey, Did Ya Hear That…

…the Flowerpatch Alpha 1.2 patch was released? Now share the breed fees when your flowers are bred with and more!

…Shipchain released its Delivery Experience Manager? Final Mile companies take note!

…the Shopin founder was charged by the SEC for running a scam? Tsk tsk!

…Spain-based Santander redeemed a $20 Million bond using a Blockchain? Cha-CHING!

…China is tapping Webank for its nation Blockchain infrastructure? If you build it…

…Fiat Chrysler jumped aboard the RSBN consortium to track cobalt? We told you about this

…TikTok is going Blockchain? It was only a matter of time…

…Michigan Millionaire badass and twitter philanthropist Bill Pulte bought 11 BTC? BTC helping the unbanked!

…a VeChain buyback wallet was hacked for 1.1 Billion tokens? Ouch. Follow the tracking progress here!

…you can now pay on Travala with GUSD? That’s GOOD

…Kraken added Tezos staking? Well done, hah, get it?

…JPMorgan is welcoming over 80 Japanese banks into its Blockchain payment arm? Come in for a hug…

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