5 Amazing Aspects of Helios Protocol

Helios Protocol is a new dApp and smart contract platform that provides new and innovative technology to solve some of the biggest issues with blockchain technologies today. Scaling, fees and wait times are major problems in the cryptospace, often cited as holding it back from becoming mainstream. Helios Protocol is truly unique with its innovations and aims to address these things and more.

We sometimes look for new technologies and projects to continue the evolution of crypto. It is often difficult to find a project that is genuine in its intent, with so many new projects constantly emerging. So, without further ado, here are 5 amazing aspects of the Helios Protocol project!

1. Bootstrapped!

In today’s crazy crypto world, project funding can always become a serious issue with even the best project. With scams, overhype, fraud, funding problems, and grey legal areas plaguing most projects, the Helios Protocol has avoided all this by not having an ICO or initial funding. Thus far, the team has funded the first year of the project’s expenses entirely out of their own pocket, focusing on developing a working product that lives up to its expectations. A current outline of the previous, and future, roadmap is available on the project website. https://heliosprotocol.io

2. Stability!

This project has shown constant progress, while the rest of the cryptospace has been in a downtrend. While some projects are having trouble meeting their goals, Helios Protocol has delivered consistently on its roadmap, and has even added to it along the way. Helios Protocol has shown steady, continuous growth during this crypto winter, from token distribution, to datasite listings, to testnet release and improvements, to mainnet development. The crowning achievement of this progress will be the release of mainnet in mid 2019 with all the innovations that it brings to the cryptoverse. This demonstrates a pragmatic approach to the goals set out and an understanding of the time required to develop quality blockchain technology.

3. Balanced and Creative Distribution!

The Helios Protocol network is powered by its own utility token, HLS. This token is used for computation and data transfer processes within the network. A total of 350 million HLS were created to be dispersed throughout the ecosystem over approx. 5 years. This ensures a decentralized and fair distribution. The distribution model presented by Helios Protocol is well balanced, and covers all major aspects of a crypto project; exchanges, airdrops, bounties, team fund, and a dApp incubator program. This token is available as an ERC-20 placeholder token (HLS) until the mainnet launches in the summer of 2019, when a 1:1 swap will occur.
As the ecosystem grows, each portion of the supply will be gradually distributed to ensure a decentralized distribution. The current circulating supply, of just over 4 million, has been dispersed via airdrops, and an innovative cross-discord airdrop bot. This has brought multiple groups of crypto users and developers together, with over 1,200 wallet addresses on the blockchain. The teams portion will be used, by the team, to assist with funding the projects future development and team expansion. A future article will cover the dApp incubator program. (more details can be found on the project website). www.heliosprotocol.io

4. Team and Community!

The Helios Protocol team has been carefully crafted over time from the community. Members were selected from those who proved to have the passion, skill sets, and motivation a blockchain project requires. They work tirelessly to continue forward progress and have accomplished more within their first year than some projects whose teams are twice the size.
The core community is comprised of a wide variety of growing crypto enthusiasts since the projects conception. All who join are welcomed and share a sense of family. Many of the projects innovations come from within the community, where idea sharing is actively encouraged. The grassroots approach is a refreshing change from fancy names and hype most projects present these days. The team is always expanding! Join the community to inquire about working with Helios Protocol!
Team meetings are shared regularly with the community via the project YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcUwPgCBB85FkZOtMpXwcZQ

5. Consistent Development & Innovation!

Beginning with a revised version of Ethereum, the GitHub of Helios Protocol has 9 repositories with over 2700 total commits at the time of writing. The lead dev averages a new commit every other day, since work began. Some of the innovative developments include an overhauled Ethereum RLP library that uses a Msgpack based Cython back-end to allow for lightning fast encoding and decoding of binary data that can scale. Having these developments, while combining DAG, pruned block sizes, sharding, parallel blockchains, and an all new magnetic dipole alignment consensus mechanism (MaGPoS) prove why Helios Protocol will change the entire game on dApps and blockchain technology!

Written by Josh Broshar

The community would love to meet you and answer any questions you have! https://discord.gg/2nDxKme
The whitepaper can provide many of the technical details, an updated version is expected around mainnet launch. https://heliosprotocol.io/files/HeliosTechnicalWhitepaperV0.21.pdf
You can find the team on the website and follow our social media for the latest news and immediate notifications of our next article.

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