Introducing the New Helios Protocol Blog!

 Hello to you, wonderful people of the Helios Protocol family! We welcome you, newcomers, old hands, and those who still have not arrived at our doorstep, to the brand new Helios Protocol blog. This fantastical fountain of fun is where all new information regarding the project can be found first. This will include all future updates, forms, bounties, and any new info that comes to light. We also will have all of the past updates and social media releases here to get yourself caught up if you’re new and refreshed if you’ve forgotten!

  You will still be able to find all of our information on our current Social Media accounts but be sure to follow them all! The necessary links can be found below. You never know when we might sneak in something special and unique to a specific SM platform!

  Last, but far from least, a special thank you to all early members of our community and an EXTRA SPECIAL Thank You to those of you currently assisting with the testnet wallets. If you would like to get a testnet wallet AND/OR run a node to help with the testing of the network, please fill out the form located below or contact one of us on Discord! Thank you all for being here and helping us realize this dream!!!









Helios Platform Node Sign-Up Form: