The Helios Army: Gear Up For Greatness

In the distance, smoke can be seen rising beyond the hill. Marching in formation towards the source is a large group of people, all clad in black, fringed in yellow. Silent with the knowledge of what is to come.

The team crests the hill and stops as one. Beyond their position a battle is being fought. A bloody battle of scaling. There are many fronts but few with any real strength behind them, only hype. While the clash has been long-running, the end has arrived. The end is here. The end is now.

The big boys of Blockchain didn’t see them coming, didn’t pay heed to the rumors. A new Army has arrived to the stage, bringing with them the message of true decentralization and limitless scaling. The Helios Army has come, bringing with it the end of clogged networks and snail-paced TXNs. Welcome to the jungle.

The Helios Army has been formed for the elite members of our community and will require dedication, commitment, and drive. This is our way of rewarding our most loyal followers with a substantial amount of $HLS. Rewards are rank based and are earned on a monthly basis. Not only can members rise in rank by going above and beyond the call of duty, extra bonuses will also be paid to those who do! The chosen few who fill the ranks of the Helios Army will be rewarded well. Will you be?

The structure of the reward system is based on your rank. A base amount of $HLS is earned each month and how much you earn is dependent on your rank. The ranks are as follows from low (entry level) to high; Private (400 $HLS/mo), Corporal (600 $HLS/mo), Sergeant (800$HLS/mo), and Major (1000 $HLS/mo). 

 A large bonus pool will be split and shared each month1 between the top performers that are selected by us. There are also exclusive bonuses that are to be awarded for various reasons, including outstanding performances. 

If that is not enough, there are still more $HLS to be had each month . Extra bonuses can be added to your monthly earnings if someone you refer gets approved and joins the Helios Army. Each referral will be beneficial to both you (300 $HLS) and the person you refer (150 $HLS).

Members who are subsumed are entitled to exclusive access to the Helios Army Discord server.  Furthermore, those who reach the noble rank of Major will receive special privileges. In order to be considered for inclusion, applicants must first have a Helios Wallet and a personal account on the following social media platforms; Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and BitcoinTalk2

Applications are currently being taken but there are a very limited number of applicants accepted in the first wave of induction. There will be two admission periods each month on the 1st and the 15th. Applications can be submitted at any time, but let us reiterate, only a limited number of people who qualify will be allowed in each admission period. Friday, November 1st 2019 marks the inception of the Army and the chosen will embark on their mission.

This is our challenge to you. Join the Helios Army and help us bring Helios Protocol to the masses. Together we can bring the Helios Protocol platform to the top. Sign up today and thank you for your precious time!

1 Pool size and the number of members selected will depend on the size of the Helios Army.

2 It may be necessary to sign up for various accounts in order to cast a vote for Helios Protocol. We will never ask you to sign up for something that we wouldn’t sign up for ourselves. If you are asked to sign up, you can be sure we thoroughly checked out the project/website beforehand.