The DApp incubator program

Introducing our DApp incubator program. This is a program designed to help nurture and grow DApps that show potential. DApps that qualify for this program will receive the following massive benefits:

  • You receive HLS from our DApp incubator fund. This will cover all gas and fees associated with development. It will also cover part of your development costs.

  • We provide you with professional design services at no cost.

  • We provide professional developer services at no cost.

  • Our team of experienced blockchain professionals will be available to advice your project.

With all of this, we will propel your DApp forward so that you can achieve the goals you dream of.

To qualify, you have to develop and deploy your DApp on the Helios Protocol smart contract platform. We will manually review all submissions, and choose who qualifies based on the need for funding, and the potential of the project. We accept large projects and small projects. Don’t worry if your project is small. We especially like small projects because they usually need funding the most.

Apply today by messaging one of the team members in our discord